Funeral Directors

Pre-Arranged Funerals

One of the most thoughtful things one can do is pre-paid and/or pre-plan a funeral. This has many benefits for everyone.Serious thought should be given to this option.

What is Pre-Arranging?

Pre-arranging is to plan a funeral service prior to the need.

In recent times people are recognising that planning a funeral in advance of time provides peace of mind and demonstrates love and consideration to a family.

It is a decision that helps reduce the stress of making decisions and doubt when death occurs.

It can also be viewed as a natural part of estate planning, such as trusts, wills and other legal decisions.

Kell Funerals offers insurance choices for all ages. We have two options for pre-arranging your funeral.  Please contact us for a free and confidential service.

(Pre-paid companies Kell Funerals deal with are below.)